Judy Wilyman – unedited TV interview

Cracking post from Losing in the Lucky Country, on the inept and dishonest anti-vaccination activist, Judy Wilyman.

Losing In The Lucky Country

Some thoughts on vaccine conspiracy theorist Judy Wilyman’s misleading “TV interview” which was published on YouTube on August 16th, 2018.

Viewers are being mislead by Ms. Wilyman’s constant and repetitive referral to “university research” and the allusion to an existing “scientific debate” on vaccination. The science on vaccination is settled and there is certainly no genuine debate. Only anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists constantly seeking to create the impression there is a debate and the truth is being suppressed.

One wonders. What is the “objective and evidence based university research (approved by the University of Wollongong)” of which Ms. Wilyman speaks? What was the study design? What was the sample size? By what methodology were vaccine ingredients causally linked to chronic disease? Which ingredients were shown to cause chronic disease or pathological changes? By what mechanism do which ingredients cause pathology? How did the study control for other variables? What methods of…

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1 Response to Judy Wilyman – unedited TV interview

  1. Ken McLeod says:

    In many places Wilyman has described herself as an ‘academic’.

    My Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘academic’ as ‘A teacher or scholar in a university or other institute of higher education.’

    She’s not that so the questions immediately arise:

    1. Is she lying, or:

    2. Is she demented, and:

    3. Why would anyone, particularly interviewers, believe anything she says?

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