Whooping cough awareness video featuring Dana, Toni, and David McCaffery

Our nation’s foremost whooping cough awareness advocates – Toni and David McCaffery – have put themselves out there again:

Toni and Dave Vaccine HubAlways with an eye to the health of our community they have taken part in a new, moving 70 second video on Vaccine Hub: The McCafferys’ Story.

This Pertussis awareness video is the latest in a long line of selfless acts by a family I am proud to know; a family whose perpetual integrity and kindness is a life lesson for all of us.

Toni and Dave Vaccine Hub DanaA previous video, entitled Dana’s Story, is also available on the Vaccine Hub site. It, too, can never be seen too many times.

The McCaffery Family received no payment for their inclusion in this public health video. Their only motivation is their love for Dana, and a determination that others should not share their fate. The video was shot in Lennox Head, their hometown. It was shot on Toni and David’s 15th wedding anniversary, for their little girl.

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