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Australian chiropractor Laurence Tham to present for US anti-vaccine chiropractic group

One would think that the past year of embarrassment for Australian anti-vaccine chiropractors would be enough for some pause for thought. But, I guess, when someone has the capacity for anti-vaccination belief, one can think anything is appropriate. Recently the Flying … Continue reading

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Why our deep-seated commitment to investigating Meryl Dorey?

Why do we spend so much time holding Meryl Dorey and her Anti Vaccination Network cabal to account? It’s because she used to be a go-to for the media to get the other side of the immunisation non-debate. She used to … Continue reading

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Articulate, intelligent and passionate.

Originally posted on landlockedseaotter:
Ah, the AVSN. There are a lot of things the AVSN don’t do very well. So it’s probably easier to list the things they can do well: 1. They are very good at summoning the flying…

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Anti-Vaccination Advocates on the Front Line of Public Health

Originally posted on Evidence, Please.:
I have a confession to make, people. Sometimes I read the comments. And sometimes I even join in. Earlier today, ABC News posted a news article on their Facebook page regarding Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton’s…

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