Stay up to date with Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network

When I was a boy I loved Happy Days. It was set in the 1950s. The Fonz was cool. Even when he couldn’t admit he was wrong. And that Pinky Tuscadero…

Fonzie also liked to jump things



Meryl Dorey and her anti-vaccination organisation also like the 1950s. See, back then there was a thing called the Smallpox Vaccine. It had a rare and serious side-effect, which affected those with Eczema, called Eczema vaccinatum. We ceased using the Smallpox Vaccine in Australia , in 1980. So, why would Meryl Dorey post a paper from 1958, regarding the side-effects of a vaccine we ceased using 33 years ago?

Ah, 1958 was a very good year for 2013 anti-vaccinationists

Ah, 1958 was a very good year for 2013 anti-vaccinationists

And why would Meryl Dorey state “almost nothing is considered to be an absolute contraindication”, when this is patently false?

I have an idea as to why Meryl Dorey would practice such behaviour, but I’ll allow one of her followers to state it more succinctly:

this is frightening stuff!

Frightening stuff, indeed. Accurate? Nowhere near it. But, this is what we expect from this deceitful anti-vaccination organisation, whose intent is to see a fall in immunisation rates.

Meryl Dorey and Fonzie also have another thing in common, apart from the 1950s. They like to jump these






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4 Responses to Stay up to date with Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network

  1. Leper says:

    I’m not quite sure I understand Meryl’s poorly worded intro paragraph. Is she seriously trying to claim that all eczema is caused by vaccines, but doctors dropped the word vaccinatum to conceal this “fact” and confuse the public (because they’re obviously evil monsters who profit from injecting children with dangerous and unproven medicines).

    • tuxcomputers says:

      Yes, that is what she is doing, the acolytes are eating it up and now the never heard of before vaccines reactions of eczema are coming out of the wood work.

  2. Is there a cure for Meryl Dorey? I do hope we find one soon before she goes completely insane.

  3. Darwy says:

    An Abstract from 1958.

    Really, Meryl?

    That’s your attempt at science?

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