Warning to the community regarding anti-vaccination seminars

Please feel free to download or print this free flyer. The Australian Vaccination Network has requested its members and followers disseminate flyers into pre-schools, child-care centres, health food stores, and health practices. These businesses and providers need to be forewarned, so as to be on the lookout for any anti-vaccination paraphernalia.

Please provide these flyers to these premises. Don’t simply leave them laying around without pre-approval.




From the AVN Newsletter July 22 2012

Do not let them freely misinform, unchallenged. Our families and friends deserve better.


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2 Responses to Warning to the community regarding anti-vaccination seminars

  1. Alie Thompson says:

    Just linked this blog to Pete’s Mamamia piece. Might be able to get some interest in politely informing the good people of Western NSW 🙂

  2. Louisa Squires says:

    I am a resident of Western NSW….I will make every effort to ensure that everyone is well educated about this hoax. I may even consider handing out current vaccination information leaflets at the door! Just to ensure that all people have the opportunity to know “both” sides of the story!

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