We have a situation here

Look. I know. Life’s hard. I do life. If you find yourself in a situation, oftentimes it can be difficult to find the answer you are looking for: a soothing fix-all, a natural ointment which will make the boo-boos go away.

Have you got a SITUATION?

A conundrum, pickle, sich, dilemma? A footbullet, foot-in-mouth, self-immolation moment? It won’t go away all by itself? You’ve tried getting angry at it? You’ve tried switching it off and on? You’ve mustered all of your brain power to attack it and failed, miserably?

Are people laughing at you?

Look no more.

Anti-vaccine sympathisers have the ANSWER! Here it is:

I will send light to this situation.

So, just remember; when it seems the whole world is against you, and it seems that your brain can’t do what you thought it could do…

Fixt. No probs.


About reasonable hank

I'm reasonable, mostly.
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